Alacer Video Production Services provides freelance video services in Washington, DC; Maryland and Virginia. Camera Crews are available for your broadcast or corporate video projects, including video news releases and media training. Video production DC, MD, VA.   

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-Sony DSR PD 150 / PD 170 Camera Training-

For suggested Class Outline click here. We say suggested because we custom design each class to YOUR groups exact needs.

We offer training to video production companies or other organizations on the use of the Sony PD150 and PD170 video cameras.

All instruction is custom designed to meet the standards and needs of your particular organization. You decide the settings and standards you want your staff to follow and we'll teach them the proper way. Need help deciding on the standards? We can help with that also.

You supply the cameras and we'll bring the instructor and handouts custom designed to your group.

Our camera class is taught to your standards and your group.

Sony PD-150 and PD-170 video camera training at your location on your schedule. Please call with any questions you may have about this service.

Sony DSR PD-150 Sony DSR PD150 Sony DSR PD-170 Sony DSR PD170 video camera training class; video production training class.


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